Marketplace's complements

Complementary modules for JA Marketplace

If the functionality that JA Marketplace brings by default is not enough for your idea, we have more than 50 complementary modules that allow you to add different functionalities to your market. Differentiate yourself from the competition by installing extra features for your sellers and your market.

Creating a marketplace within your PrestaShop is possible thanks to the JA Marketplace module and its complements In this section you can find complementary modules for JA Marketplace that may be of interest to you. A list of complements to expand the functionality of the market.

Can not find the module you want? We offer the service to make modifications, customizations or customized complements. Send us all the details to the technical support center. We make a budget without commitment. Send a ticket now.

Would you like to collaborate with us? become an affiliate or seller of your modules in exchange for a commission.

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