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JA Marketplace Seller Subscription Period

Charges a monthly, quarterly or annual fee to sellers for the use of the market. Subscription period to sell in the market.


Downloaded more than 50 times

PrestaShop v1.6.0.4 - v1.7.8.4

1.5.0 (04/09/2020)

(*) Available languages

Module creator partner Superhero seller

Module Creator Partner: SuperHero

in the first year
Then €52.00 / year

When a seller registers must purchase one of the types of subscriptions you install this module.

Subscriptions to install this base module are:

  • Monthly subscription (30 days)  19.99€ + tax rate
  • Quarterly subscription (90 days)  39.99€ + tax rate
  • Annual subscription (365 days) 79.99€ + tax rate

In the module configuration you can create many types of subscriptions as you like and can modify and delete existing ones.

When creating or editing subscriptions you can indicate the following information:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Image
  • Status
  • Period
  • Price (excluding taxes)
  • Tax rate

You can set a free subscription time. For example it may indicate that when registering a salesperson gets a free monthly subscription.

The types of subscriptions are associated virtual products to an inactive category after install this module. You can decide whether to buy these products, sellers can use the marketplace when they placed the order or when you change the order status to the state you decide.

By buying these products the seller gets a subscription of days will vary depending on the type of subscription chosen there.

If for example choose a monthly subscription, you can use the marketplace within 30 days after the order is placed.

This module has a cron that can be configured on the server to run every x time in order to update the states of subscriptions and establish a expiration control subscriptions.

When a subscription expires or is disabled from managing subscriptions, the undersigned seller when trying to access your account, he is redirected to a page selling subscriptions to be Taken to continue selling in the market.

When the subscription of seller expires, your merchant account is still active but their products are not available for purchase.

PrestaShop Compatibility
PrestaShop 1.7
For beginner users
(*) Very easy installation and configuration

First of all, click ?Add new module? at modules tab on back office. You will find it in the top right. After that, select packaged file you have downloaded and click ?Upload file?. Now your module appears on modules list. Click on ?Install?, and ?Configure? next.
You can also unload .zip file and upload it into your modules directory. In this way you will install and configure module from modules admin.

It is very important that you thoroughly review all the documentation of the products we sell, try the demonstration and ask us any questions you have before making the purchase because product returns are not allowed, since it is non-encrypted software and it is not a tangible product.

Once sold a licences, the amount will not be returned under any circumstances except for causes attributable to this entity, in that case the origin of the problem will be studied to try to solve it by dedicating the maximum capacity to it.

In case the product is not working in your store, we will need the access data to the site (FTP and backoffice mainly) to review and solve the problems.

Only in the event that the problem could not be solved would the refund be issued.

Refund requests will not be considered if the purchase was made more than 3 months ago.

The purchase of this module includes 12 months of technical support and updates and is tacitly renewed at the end of the period.

You can cancel your subscription at any time before the end of the current period.

What does the technical support and updates service include?

Download security updates.
Download compatibility updates.
Download evolutions and new functionalities.
Unlimited assistance.

Request technical support
What is not included in the technical support and updates service?

The adaptations with the different types of template.
The specific modifications or customizations that you need to make in your shop.
Solve problems related to the template, incompatibilities with third-party modules or third-party service problems such as hosting limitations among others.

Do you need additional technical support?

Take a look at the hour bag service we offer.

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Do you have any question?

Send a message to the marketing department.

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10 comments about "JA Marketplace Seller Subscription Period"

  • muchas gracias
    By on 04/03/2016

    justo lo que necesitabamos para nuestro mercado. encaja a la perfección

  • Funcionamiento del Módulo
    By on 06/18/2021

    Trabaja bien en un entorno que se adapte, buen soporte técnico, responden con responsabilidad y trabajan en las posibles soluciones.
    Esperamos mejoras innovadoras que nos puedan sorprender.

  • Very weak & Poor module
    By on 01/12/2021

    unfortuantely, the subscription is concepted as a product!!! (you find it even in the product list) with a lots of logical weakness... you can buy a subscription as vendor x times, you can have several subscription in the mean time... which does not make an sens in the professional business! lots of extra work ust be concidered to have a professional & Business subscription module that satisfay the vendor requirement & Needes... same issue for the support... like always, weak and delayed!

    Response by JA MODULES on 01/22/2021


    We regret the inconvenience. We will take note to improve this plugin and meet your need as much as possible.


  • Suscripciones
    By on 11/25/2020

    El módulo de gestión de suscripciones al marketplace, es muy ágil y facilita monetizar a los usuarios. Te permite desde gratis a todo tipo de cuotas !

  • Période d'abonnement du vendeur
    By on 08/21/2020

    Permet de gérer des abonnements comme un produit classique. Attention : JA gère un abonnement et non plusieurs. Pensez à créer un abonnement complet pour chaque produit. Sinon, module très pratique pour renouveler un accès sur un profil par exemple;

  • Ok :)
    By on 12/12/2019

    Very good module as an addition to my store.

  • Puede mejorar, tiene errores
    By on 05/02/2020

    El módulo hace lo que promete pero su funcionamiento no es óptimo. No veo la necesidad de comprar una suscripción y tener que pasar por el carrito de Prestashop ara realizar el pago. Debería tener una solución directa de seleccionar la suscripción e ir de forma directa a pagar previo el ingreso de los datos. No veo la necesidad de entrar a la vista del producto para colocar "añadir al carrito" como si fuera un producto de Prestashop y no una suscripción. Los clientes se marean al usarlo porque debe seleccionar la suscripción, abrirla, poner "añadir al carrito" luego "Pasar por Caja", ver la sumatoria del carrito y recién allí empezar el checkout. Las posibilidades de comprar varias suscripciones a la vez son casi nulas además de comprarla junto con otros productos para pasar por todo ese proceso tedioso. También debería tener por defecto una vista de comparación d e planes como una tabla de precios. Solo presenta el nombre, imagen y precio. Para ver el detalle debo abrir el producto, esto es tedioso.

    Response by JA MODULES on 05/18/2020


    Lamentamos que este módulo no sea de su agrado. Apreciamos su crítica pero también se puede entender que lo que está solicitando se puede programar como personalización para su tienda. Considérelo. Lo que ha comprado es lo que puede ver en la descripción, fotos y demostración. Su deseo se puede llegar a hacer. Si no está de acuerdo con el funcionamiento, no entendemos porque lo compra.


  • Buen modulo
    By on 12/12/2016

    Algun problema en la descarga, pero el servico al cliente actuó con rapidez y funciona de cine

  • Gran Modulo!
    By on 06/07/2017

    Como en todos los casos, los módulos JA se adaptan a todos los requerimientos. Sigan así.

  • todo bien
    By on 01/10/2018

    muy buen addon para cobrar a mis vendedores el servicio de mercado. Necesité modificar una funcionalidad y me atendieron muy correcto

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