"Divide and conquer" is the motto that always accompanies us to find the best solution and meet the needs of our customers and their business.

Julius Caesar



We work so that quality is always present in our projects with personalized attention that expresses our vocation.


We are united by a common objective that is to achieve the goals in each project that We started with effort and dedication to satisfy our clients.


We take customer opinions into account. In your ideas and comments you find the key to our services and products. They help us improve.



He entered the computer science career without having much knowledge of programming, after having completed a higher degree training cycle of Economy and Finance. He obtained his Official Engineering degree Management IT Technician after five years of grateful career greatly to the person who recommended it.


The Blog was born Jose Aguilar . In the early days of programming, Jose had the need to record everything he learned. That was the great motivation that he had to create it.


He did his final degree project and developed a news portal with WordPress. In this portal, each user could have their own space within the platform to add your own news. A "MarketPlace of news ".


he was born the PrestaShop module store . In this store decided to share a good amount of free modules and some of pay. It is currently the store we know.


Best local module award.

On the 26th of May 2015 PrestaShop held a meetup in Madrid where the delivery was made of prizes of the Addons Awards 2015 contest in Spain.


After working in several companies. he left his last job to undertake his path as a freelancer, then as a freelancer until becoming businessman.
In this year the JA Society Modules . He always had in mind to create his own business and made his dream come true.


Following the impact of the pandemic on world society, the demand for their services increased, and with it, more workers, professionals, collaborators and specialists to satisfy their customers.

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