JA Marketplace Other sellers sell this product

Enable on the product page a block of similar products from other sellers in the market to compare prices.



  • Easy installation in one click.
  • Simple and easy to understand configuration.
  • Improves the appearance and complements the product page.
  • Improves the user experience.
  • Improves the conversion rate.
  • Help customers find the best product offer they are looking for.
  • Free and high quality technical support in the first 3 months to help you with problems with the module.
  • Budget without commitment to make changes in your shop.


Customers can see on the product page a comparative table of other products from other sellers that are identified as equal by their code EAN13, UPC, ISBN or reference.

Below the add button to the cart you can see the price and shipping information of the product you are viewing. It shows the price, the shipping cost, the carrier and the estimated delivery time.

A comparative table with information of other products similar sold by other sellers appears below the product sheet.

In this comparative table it is shown:

  • The product image.
  • The product name.
  • The product price.
  • The shipping cost.
  • The carrier name.
  • The estimated delivery time.
  • The quantity available.
  • The product status: new, used or reused.
  • The seller.
  • Link to see more information.

In the configuration of the module you can decide whether to consider the shipping costs in the comparison or not.

And now it is also possible to indicate the field that indicate that 2 products within the market are equal. Currently it is possible to use:

  • EAN13 Code.
  • CPU.
  • ISBN.
  • Reference.


This add-on helps customers to find the best price of the product they are looking for in the market.

Satisfied customers to quickly and easily find the best offer in the market.


This module is a complement JA Marketplace.


For beginner users
(*) Very easy installation and configuration

First of all, click "Add new module" at modules tab on back office. You will find it in the top right. After that, select packaged file you have downloaded and click "Upload file". Now your module appears on modules list. Click on "Install", and "Configure" next.

You can also unload .zip file and upload it into your modules directory. In this way you will install and configure module from modules admin.

Support and updates?

The purchase of this module includes 3 months of support (*) and 3 months free updates. (*) The technical support includes answering all your questions and doubts and resolve any issues having to do with the module. It excluded adaptations to different types of template and personalizations.

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Do you have any question?

Send a message to the marketing department.

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3 comments about "JA Marketplace Other sellers sell this product"

5/5 based on 3 comments


3 comments about "JA Marketplace Other sellers sell this product"

  • buen módulo para completar mi mercado
    By on 05/03/2019

    me alegra mucho haber encontrado este módulo que cumple perfectamente con lo que necesito

  • Todo ok
    By on 01/23/2017

    esta funcionando muy bien

  • gran modulo
    By on 04/03/2016

    solo le faltaba que no aparezcan todos los productos con mismo ean13 en el listado de productos pero el desarrollador nos lo añadió presupuestado y todo perfecto. gracias

JA Marketplace Other sellers sell this product

Technical support and updates

PrestaShop v1.5.0.0 - v1.7.7.0

1.1.0 (08/05/2019)

(*) Available languages

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