JA Marketplace Seller Map

Allows sellers to add your geographic location to display a map on your seller profile. Shows a map with all the sellers located on the main page.



Easy installation.

Google Maps API.

Location of marketplace vendors on the map.

Map in the seller's profile with its location.

Map on the home page with all vendors located.


This module allows sellers to add their geographic location to display a map on their profile and appear on the map of home page.

When a customer creates a seller account or edits their seller account, 2 new fields appear on the form that allow adding the coordinates of a point on the earth map.

The seller can fill in the latitude and longitude of their geographical location to appear on the maps that this module adds to the marketplace.

Latitude and longitude are 2 parameters that represent the geographic coordinates on the Earth map.

If you don't know how to get these coordinates you can check the following link:


However, this is not all, on the map on the main page, customers will be able to see at a glance where all the sellers of the market are located.

When you mouse over the locations, the seller's name and / or shop appears.

Clicking on a location opens an informational balloon where you can see much of the seller's information.

What information appears on the balloon?

  • Seller Name
  • Shop
  • Rating stars
  • Address
  • Postal code
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Phone
  • Link to seller profile

All this information will only appear in the balloon if they are enabled in the JA Marketplace module configuration.


This module complemeThis module is an add-on for JA Marketplace v2.4.5 or higher that only works on PrestaShop 1.6 or 1.7 onwards.

With other modules that allow creating a marketplace it cannot work.

Creating an authentication key is required to use the Google Maps API.

Currently, Google will request your billing information in order to use this maps type.

Depending on the volume of use, Google may charge a small fee.

Demostration details


For beginner users
(*) Very easy installation and configuration

First of all, click “Add new module” at modules tab on back office. You will find it in the top right. After that, select packaged file you have downloaded and click “Upload file”. Now your module appears on modules list. Click on “Install”, and “Configure” next.

You can also unload .zip file and upload it into your modules directory. In this way you will install and configure module from modules admin.

Support and updates?

The purchase of this module includes 3 months of support (*) and 3 months free updates. (*) The technical support includes answering all your questions and doubts and resolve any issues having to do with the module. It excluded adaptations to different types of template and personalizations.

bug_report Technical support

Do you have any question?

Send a message to the marketing department.

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2 comments about "JA Marketplace Seller Map"

4/5 based on 2 comments


2 comments about "JA Marketplace Seller Map"

  • Un extra muy necesario
    By on 05/18/2020

    Ya que geolocalizar los comercios, es muy importante.

  • Exelente Producto!!!
    By on 05/18/2017

    Funciona Perfecto. Es obvio que el programador comprende a la perfección las necesidades del cliente.

JA Marketplace Seller Map

Technical support and updates

PrestaShop v1.5.0.0 - v1.7.7.0

1.2.0 (07/09/2020)

(*) Available languages

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