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Listes de souhaits du client

Permet au client de créer des listes de produits favoris, des listes de souhaits ou des listes de produits à acheter ultérieurement avec un popup préalable pour sélectionner une liste ou créer une nouvelle liste.

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Benefits for the administrator

Wish lists

The most complete module for customer wish lists in your shop.

Most desired products

Discover which are the most desired products by your customers of your shop.

Everything under control

View all the wish lists of all your customers.

Wish list management

Create, modify and delete wish lists for your clients from the Backoffice.

Improve product visibility

Products enhance visibility with a heart above the featured image.


Take advantage of this tool to retain registered customers.

Impulse purchases

It allows the customer to locate the products they most want to be able to buy them later.

Product promotion

Customers can help you promote your products for free by sending the wish list to their friends.

Appearance and functionality

Improve the appearance and functionality of your store by allowing the customer to have wish lists in their account.

Sales increase

Thanks to the precise location of products, the customer will be able to access them to buy them as soon as they have the opportunity.

More customers

If your products are really good, your customers themselves will promote your products by sharing their wish lists.

Customer Benefits

Best experience

Unbeatable user experience.

Share ideas

Facility to send your wish list to your friends and share the link.

Wish list management

Easy wish list management with view, edit and delete functions.

Bulk actions for wish lists

Bulk actions to delete wish lists.

Wish List Products

Easy management of wish list products with functions to view, change quantity, add to cart or delete.

Bulk actions for wish list products

Bulk actions to remove or add to cart products from wish lists..

Greater satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction by allowing you to create endless wish lists, favorite products, or buy later lists.


Wish List is a very useful tool for online shoppers that allows them to save products they want to buy in the future and organize them in one place.

Below I describe three wish list options in online stores that can be of great help to understand what this module brings to your store.

The first option is the Amazon Wish List, which allows you to create a personalized list of items you want to purchase in the future. Amazon Wish List also allows you to share your list with friends and family, which can be useful if you're looking for gifts.

The second option is Wishbob's online wish list, which allows you to collect gift ideas from multiple partner stores into one list. The Wishbob app has a feature that allows you to add items to your wish list with just one click, which will save your time.

The third option is the Wish List, available in some online stores as an option to save products for a later purchase. This option allows you to choose the right time to make the purchase and save the product to a wish list.

In short, a wish list is a useful tool to save time and organize your customers' purchases. With these wish list options, you allow your customers to save items they want to buy in the future in one place and decide when the right time is to make the purchase.

Both this decision power and the 3 types of wish lists described above can be fulfilled by this great plugin.

Do not miss the opportunity to give your customers the possibility to create wish lists, list of favorite products or list of products to buy later in an attractive and professional way.

What can the customer do with their wish lists?


At a glance the customer can see all his wish lists.


The customer can send their wish lists to their friends.


The customer can share the link to his wish list.


The customer can edit the name of his wish list.


The customer can delete their wish lists.

Massive actions

The customer can massively delete their wish lists.

What can the customer do with the products of their wish lists?

Product access

The customer can access the product details.


The customer can modify the desired quantity of the product.

Shopping cart

The customer can select a product to add to the cart.


The customer can remove any product from his wish list.


The customer can see the total cost of your wish list.

Massive actions

The customer can massively add products to the shopping cart and also delete the selected products.


Wish List Access Links

You can enable access to customer wish lists at the top of the page, in the my account block located in the footer, in the customer account and from the shopping cart.

Actions on wish lists

You can allow the customer to send the wish lists to their friends, edit and/or delete their wish lists, select a suggested name for their wish lists and display a button on the product page just below the "Add to cart" button. to add to wish list.

Actions on the products

You can allow the customer to change the quantity, add products to the cart, remove or move products, display the date the product was added, display the date the product was updated, display an alert message informing the customer that the price has changed (price reduction or increase), show the number of sales of the product, remove the products from the wish list when the customer places the order.


PrestaShop v1.6.0.4 - v8.1.0


2.0.4 (27/07/2023)

Langues disponibles

You can easily translate this module into any language.

Partenaire créateur de module : SuperHéro

Module creator partner Superhero seller

Why choose us?


Install this module easily, in one click, from the modules management of your store. Upload and install it.

Quality code

Complying with PrestaShop code standards.


Module tested and working perfectly in our own PrestaShop module store.


Guarantee the success of your business with this unique module and differentiate yourself from the competition.


Developed by PrestaShop experts with more than 15 years of experience in the Ecommerce sector.


We are aware of the importance of fulfilling the development of the work in the stipulated time. We put our capabilities to the maximum to carry out the entrusted task.


Delighted with our work. Dividing to win is a whole philosophy of life and that is what we do every day to give you solutions.

We hear you

Analysis, constant work and innovation. We always listen to your suggestions and requests to improve and make a more complete product.

Help and updates

Enjoy important updates every year and ask for unlimited help with technical support included in the purchase.

Bonus d’heures

To resolve specific problems, hire a bag of hours to provide you with the most appropriate and personalized technical assistance with priority and/or exclusivity.

Maintenance PrestaShop

With the maintenance service, we take care of everything related to the technical part of your store and help you improve your business.


Ask for budgets without commitment to make specific modifications in your shop..

4 comments about "Listes de souhaits du client"

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Very good
4 ratings
  • muy completo
    for Listes de souhaits du client on 08/12/2018
    este módulo es perfecto. me encanta como puede gestionar el cliente sus listas de deseos y ademas puedo verlas desde la administración
  • Muy satisfecho con el módulo
    By Jose Miguel B for Listes de souhaits du client on 01/06/2019
    El módulo cumple totalmente con su función. Estoy sorprendido con el funcionamiento. Además es el más completo que he encontrado para las listas de deseo del cliente. Un saludo
  • Fantástico! es lo que necesitaba
    By Carlos V for Listes de souhaits du client on 02/05/2020
    Felicidades el módulo es muy bueno!
  • Listes de souhaits des clients
    By Support Q for Listes de souhaits du client on 21/08/2020
    Très pratique pour mes clients. ce module leur permet de gagner du temps et de créer plusieurs listes d'articles préférés. Ils l'utilisent comme une liste de course. Très bon module.

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