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Task manager and help and technical support center to better control the messages received from your shop.

Task manager and help and technical support center to better control the messages received from your shop.

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Tickets by status and reports by activity are here

Categories: Updates
Important update of the Cetasko module in which we highlight the management of tickets by status and activity reports among many more details.

VERSION 4.0.0 (12/11/2021)

 * ADD: several employees per section

 * ADD: ticket states order by position

 * ADD: activitys and checklists on view tickets

 * ADD: ticket timer to control report

 * ADD: tickets by state controller

 * ADD: ticket report controller

 * ADD: show attachments on edit tickets

 * ADD: tickets can be tagged

 * ADD: tickets can be archived

 * FIX: Drop column subject from ticket message

 * ADD: in ticket management we have joined the customer's first and last name to be displayed in a column

 * ADD: the order identifier now appears next to the order reference

 * ADD: when the administrator creates a ticket, he is redirected to view the ticket

 * ADD: when the administrator sends a response, it is redirected to the same ticket avoiding the forwarding of the form

 * ADD: changing the position of elements in the dashboard

 * ADD: lscd security v3


The Cetasko module was an independent project that was going to cover various functionalities to help you control the help and technical support that you offer and above all make it easier for you to manage that technical support as resource-consuming tasks.

We re-program everything possible in PrestaShop to be able to cover development costs that have not yet been covered.

Until today, Cetasko within PrestaShop was a technical support and help center that allows you to better control the messages received from your store.

In this last month we have been working to add several functions that we had in mind that are summarized below.

Added functionality that allows adding multiple employees per section or department. In this way, you can create working groups that are in charge of answering requests related to their department.

Ticket statuses now have a field that allows you to sort them by position.

Activities and checklists were added to the tickets that allow you to record the dedication times of your employees and the creation of lists to complete tasks with a checklist and progress bar.

Added a timer that allows employees to turn the time on and off when they start and finish a task. This way they can know exactly how much time they have spent on the task and do not have to manually account for it.

For those who do not like to work with active time, there is the possibility to add the time spent manually.

Very important functionality was added for our company. JA Modules uses Cetasko for technical support control. The incorporation of the ticket controller by state is fundamental in the way we work.

On the tickets by status page, at a glance, you can see the status of the tickets, being able to sort and move the status tickets.

Added a controller for activity reporting. In this new page, the administrator can see the dedication times of the employees in each task or ticket.

When the administrator edits a ticket he can now view and download all the files attached to the ticket.

Now tickets can be tagged. A new page has been enabled that allows you to manage ticket labels. A good way to categorize your store tickets.

So that your employees can lose sight of the tickets, there is the possibility of archiving them to identify them as a completed task.

To avoid duplicate information, the use of the "subject" column for ticket messages has been removed.

To get a better visualization of the Backoffice tickets page we have unified the client's name and surname in a single column. The column "position" has been removed and the column "archived" has been added that will allow to find the archived tickets.

In all the places where the order reference appeared (both in the back room and in the front), the order identifier + the reference is now displayed.

Now when the administrator or employee creates a new ticket, it is redirected directly to the ticket avoiding redirecting to the list of all tickets.

When an employee answers a ticket, now a redirection is made to show a confirmation message, avoiding the redirection of the form avoiding sending the message several times to the customer.

The position of the elements in the Dashboard has been changed to show a better presentation.

Added a security check related to licenses.