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Task manager and help and technical support center to better control the messages received from your shop.


Downloaded more than 50 times

PrestaShop v1.6.0.4 - v1.7.8.7

4.0.0 (12/11/2021)

(*) Available languages

Module creator partner Superhero seller

Module Creator Partner: SuperHero

in the first year
Then €40.00 / year


  • Easy installation in one click.
  • Improves the technical support center of your shop.
  • Agile communication with your customers. 
  • Greater control of customer messages.
  • Improves efficiency and service efficiency.
  • Improves user perception and satisfaction.
  • Improves the user experience.
  • Control the average response time of your employees.
  • Discover the quality of the support of your employees valued by customers.
  • Find out who your best employees are.
  • Communication threads associated with departments.
  • Management of ticket statuses.
  • Management of ticket priorities.
  • Management of predefined messages.
  • Advanced ticket search engine.
  • Ticket control by status.
  • Activity analysis.
  • Tag management for tickets.
  • Adapted to the RGPD law. Compatible with PrestaShop's RGPD module.
  • Free and high-quality technical support in the first 3 months to help you with incidents in the installation and operation of the module.
  • Budget without commitment to make changes in your shop.


Download the most complete module for managing conversations with your store's customers. Analyze the activity and time your employees spend solving internal issues or problems raised by customers related to their purchases.

Double-edged customer service center. On the one hand, you will be able to attend customer messages in a much more controlled and centralized way and, at the same time, you will be able to analyze the activity of your employees.


In the Backoffice, the module presents a dashboard or home page where you can see:

  • Open conversations.
  • Average response time (in the last 30 days).
  • Quality of support rated by customers at a maximum 5 stars.
  • Graph of tickets by state, by priority and by department.
  • Total number of threads received.
  • Total number of messages.
  • Average number of messages per ticket.
  • The best employees.


By default, a "Customer Service" department is created but you should know that it is possible to create as many departments as you want to adapt the program to the scale of your company. There are no limits.

You can give departments a name, select the employees associated with the department, add a description, set a color and enable it for the customer.


Tickets in this case are the threads that this module allows to create between the client and a department. This module has a list where you can see and manage all the tickets that the store has received.

Tickets can be associated with an order, they are usually sent by a customer, they have a status, a priority and the customer can associate them with a department.

When customer opening a ticket, he can see the entire thread of the conversation and give an answer. Inside the ticket you can also see the delivery date, tags, if it has associated, an additional description, a private description (only seen by employees, not customers).

At the end of the ticket, the employee has the possibility to create task lists or create activity reports with day and time.

Both task lists and activity reports can be enabled or disabled for the customer to see. There is also the possibility to play a timer when starting a task and stop it when finished to be more precise with time management.

Ticket states

By default 5 statuses are installed for tickets:

  • Opened
  • In process
  • Waiting answer
  • In queu
  • Closed

In this section you can manage the ticket's status. You can edit, add, delete and activate the statuses.

Ticket priorities

By default 2 priorities are installed for tickets:

  • Normal
  • Urgent

In this section you can manage the priorities of the tickets. You can edit, delete and add new priorities for tickets.

Predefined messages

You can create countless pre-defined messages that you can then easily use in ticket responses to streamline communication.

Tickets by state  NEW V4.0.0 

Another much more efficient way to manage tickets is to do it by status. In this case, the statuses are presented in columns and within these columns, the tickets can be dragged with the mouse to sort them or change their status.

This feature is ideal for viewing jobs that are in progress, queued, or open quickly. Logically, employees who are associated with certain departments will only be able to see the tickets associated with their department. When an employee is associated with several departments, she has the possibility to filter by department to see the tickets of the selected department.

Activity  NEW V4.0.0 

In the activity section you can check all the reports that your employees have made on each ticket.

Tags   NEW V4.0.0 

Create unlimited tags to be able to associate them to tickets. One more way to be able to categorize conversations.

Advanced search engine

It is true that the list of tickets that appears in the Backoffice already has a filter or search engine that allows you to find tickets according to the ticket reference, order reference, subject, name and surname of the client, department, status, priority, date of creation and date of the last message.

This built-in ticket list filter does not search for keywords in ticket descriptions and messages. For that, as of version 3.7.0 a new “Search” link was added to the Cetasko menu of the Backoffice side menu.

This advanced search engine finds threads by searching the ticket reference, customer name, order identifier, order reference, section, status, priority, subject, description, other description, private description, name of attachments, messages.


  • Web design adaptable to all devices with Bootstrap 3.0+ technology.
  • Tinymce
  • Multi shop
  • Multi language
  • Open source code to modify as needed



  • Customer increases interaction with the store. You can send a ticket about an order or any other theme.
  • You have a ticket history available in your customer account.
  • Upload files (images, videos, documents ...).
  • Customer can send messages with rich text.



This module is fully compatible with topics that have been developed with the Bootstrap 3.0+ technology. With other templates may need to do some adaptation.

Important: Photos or video may not correspond to the latest version. We recommend you visit the demo site to see all the functions that this module has for you.


For beginner users
(*) Very easy installation and configuration

First of all, click “Add new module” at modules tab on back office. You will find it in the top right. After that, select packaged file you have downloaded and click “Upload file”. Now your module appears on modules list. Click on “Install”, and “Configure” next.

You can also unload .zip file and upload it into your modules directory. In this way you will install and configure module from modules admin.

It is very important that you thoroughly review all the documentation of the products we sell, try the demonstration and ask us any questions you have before making the purchase because product returns are not allowed, since it is non-encrypted software and it is not a tangible product.

Once sold a licences, the amount will not be returned under any circumstances except for causes attributable to this entity, in that case the origin of the problem will be studied to try to solve it by dedicating the maximum capacity to it.

In case the product is not working in your store, we will need the access data to the site (FTP and backoffice mainly) to review and solve the problems.

Only in the event that the problem could not be solved would the refund be issued.

Refund requests will not be considered if the purchase was made more than 3 months ago.

The purchase of this module includes 12 months of technical support and updates and is tacitly renewed at the end of the period.

You can cancel your subscription at any time before the end of the current period.

What does the technical support and updates service include?

Download security updates.
Download compatibility updates.
Download evolutions and new functionalities.
Unlimited assistance.

Request technical support
What is not included in the technical support and updates service?

The adaptations with the different types of template.
The specific modifications or customizations that you need to make in your shop.
Solve problems related to the template, incompatibilities with third-party modules or third-party service problems such as hosting limitations among others.

Do you need additional technical support?

Take a look at the hour bag service we offer.

View hour bag
Do you have any question?

Send a message to the marketing department.

Contact us

4 comments about "Cetasko"

  • buen módulo
    By on 05/01/2019

    Quedo muy satisfecho con esta compra. Me gusta mucho el funcionamiento. Fácil control y manejo de los problemas y mensajes de los clientes. Además dispone de opciones muy útiles.

  • Thank you again! :)
    By on 04/16/2020

    Thank you for your wonderful customer service!

  • buena compra
    By on 03/08/2018

    estoy muy contento con esta compra. la verdad es que me resulta mucho mas sencillo controlar los mensajes que envía mis clientes. 5 estrellas!!

  • Excelente producto 100% recomendable
    By on 05/23/2018

    Muy fácil de instalar y sin ningún problema el modulo cumple a la perfección con su cometido en nuestra web

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