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Double major update for JA Marketplace

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Very important update of our trusted marketplace module. Multiple shipping selection included in base, seller levels, category filter in seller catalog, and much more.


Very important update of our trusted marketplace module. Multiple shipping selection included in base, seller levels, category filter in seller catalog, and much more.

Recent changes:



On the one hand, we have been working on version 7.3.0 to add the possibility that the base module has multiple shipping selection. A highly demanded but very complex functionality to develop.

This means that the admin can now enable multiple shipping selection from the module settings with the main objective of allowing customers to select a shipping option for each package in the shipping selection block of the checkout.

If this option is not activated, the functionality of not allowing adding products from different sellers to the shopping cart is maintained.

In the cart it is now possible to enable the seller's name in each product line.

At the same time, we have been working on version 8.0.0 that brings a lot of new features that will surely interest you.

In PrestaShop 1.7 onwards, the 'displayAdminProductsMainStepLeftColumnMiddle' hook is now being used to display seller information on the product management page in the Backoffice.

Technically, we are now using Bootstrap's 'card' component on the product page to display seller information in an improved format.

The admin can now see the seller information in the customer tab (Backoffice).

Now the administrator has the possibility to enable the related products so that the seller can select them from the creation and edition of a product in the seller account. In this way, accessories or related products can appear on a product page if the active template allows it.

The 'displayFooter' hook has been removed and we are now using the Media::addJsDef function to insert JavaScript variables into the page. In this way, these variables are available in JavaScript files using the new PrestaShop functions.

Major changes have been made to the layout of the seller profile. The table format has been removed and is now more adaptable to all devices thanks to the use of containers.

Added 6 new hooks on the base module:

  • displayMarketplaceSellerProfileTop
  • displayMarketplaceSellerProfileLeft
  • displayMarketplaceSellerProfileRight
  • displayMarketplaceSellerProfileBottom
  • displayMarketplaceSellerProfileFooter
  • actionMarketplaceDeleteSeller

Most of them related to the new changes in the seller's profile.

This change affects all modules that are hooked on the seller's profile. All our modules will be revised shortly to adapt to these new changes. If you have any problems, do not hesitate to contact the technical support center.

Added 'row' class in product containers. This affects the product blocks that are on the seller profile and seller catalog page.

It is now possible to enable a filter by categories in the seller's catalog.

Added SellerPaymentMethod class. This class helps improve the seller's commission payment method management system.

The administrator can now modify the payment method chosen for each seller. You can even modify the details for the payment.

Added a new Backoffice controller to manage payment methods for commissions.

A new attribute has been added to the Seller object. Now it is possible to enable the short seller description which can be very useful for some places in the template.

There were important changes in the moduleRoutes hook where the controllers that have this functionality were correctly defined. Related to this point, the unnecessary getJmarketplaceLink function that allowed to call these dynamic routes in previous versions of PrestaShop was removed.

There have also been major changes to the module's configuration. All the forms and tabs on the configuration page have been restructured to make it more understandable. In principle, each tab now corresponds to a single page or group of functions.

Now we are using PrestaShop's GroupBox feature to allow the admin to select the customer groups that can become a seller.

The description attribute of the configuration form fields were changed to the 'hint' option that allows adding a balloon with the explanatory information of the field within the Helper Forms. This allows the form to be better viewed by the administrator. With this change was used to improve the explanations of each field. Everything to make life easier for the administrator.

There are now 18 tabs in the module settings:

  • Version 8.0.0
  • Seller registration
  • Seller Profile
  • Seller Comments
  • Product creation
  • Seller's Products
  • Seller Catalog
  • Product page
  • Seller commissions
  • Seller orders
  • Seller's Carriers
  • Seller dashboard
  • Withdrawal of funds
  • Seller Messages
  • Emails
  • TFront Office Theme
  • Dynamic routes
  • Related modules
  • Help

In the 'Version 8.0.0' tab, the contact information, video and description of the add-on are kept.

In the tab 'Seller registration' there are a lot of options that mainly allow you to enable and disable the fields of the seller account creation and editing form.

In the tab 'Seller profile' you can enable the information that users and customers can see in the seller's profile.

In 'Seller Comments' the form that was in the 'AdminSellerComments' controller has been moved, where it is possible to enable some functions related to the comments that sellers can receive.

In the 'Product creation' tab, the form that allows enabling and disabling the information that the seller can add to their products is maintained.

The 'Seller's Products' tab is new and allows you to enable or disable a lot of options and actions on the page that allows the seller to manage the products.

The 'Seller Catalog' tab is also new and allows you to enable or disable various options on the seller's catalog page.

For the product page itself there are also news. There is a new tab that allows you to enable or disable all the seller's information.

In the 'Seller commissions' tab, the options related to the seller's commissions have been added, I refer to the fixed commission, variable commission, commission assignment, and so on.

A new 'Seller Orders' tab has been added to enable or disable the various options and functions that appear on the seller's order management page.

The carrier creation and editing form can also be configured by enabling and disabling almost all its fields from the 'Seller's Carriers' tab.

The sales summary or better known as 'Dashboard' also has its tab to enable and disable the information and actions that appear.

The options for withdrawing funds has also been encapsulated in a new tab.

In the tab 'Seller messages' we have added the options available to enable or disable options related to seller messages.

The tab 'Emails', 'Theme for Front Office' and 'Dynamic routes' remain the same with some new option inside.

The seller registration form visually changed to display its fields in 2 columns. In this way, we make it shorter and more attractive.

El formulario de registro de vendedor cambió visualmente para mostrar sus campos en 2 columnas. De esta forma, lo hacemos más corto y atractivo.

We have added the new MPN code field. Admin can enable this field so that sellers can add this information for their products.

This module uses the Tinymce plugin for editing product and seller descriptions. This rich text editor now allows the seller to add photos in the descriptions by selecting them from their computer. A highly sought after feature that is now available to you.

In the installation of this module, now only the directories of the email templates of the languages installed in the store are created. The 'actionUpdateLangAfter' hook is used to create the new directories after adding a new language to the store.

In the seller's profile we have added the link to the sellers page and the seller's name in the breadcrumb or navigation path.

We have added important changes to the control of attachments in the messages that can be sent by the customer and the seller. The maximum size allowed is now collected from PS_ATTACHMENT_MAXIMUM_SIZE and the control of the uploaded file extension has been improved considerably.

We have added the 'shopLinkType' functionality in the AdminControllers to improve the functionality of the management pages that this module adds to the Backoffice menu with the main objective of improving its operation with the multi-store system enabled.

We have changed the structure or design of the funds transfer or withdrawal request page in the Backoffice. Now 3 well differentiated blocks are shown:

  • Commissions to transfer
  • Details of the seller's payment method
  • Transfer information

Now it is possible to decide which language selector you want so that sellers can fill in the product sheets: fixed language block at the top or drop-down list next to each multi-language field.

The seller's dashboard now shows the amount of the sale and not just its commissions.

In the commission history of the Backoffice, the administrator can now see their profits for each sale.

We have added some important functionality. Sellers can now be classified by levels. By default, 3 levels are created: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Sellers can belong to these groups based on the following criteria:

Bronze: No seniority, no average grade, and no average technical support grade.

Silver: Seniority = 180 days, average note in products > = 2.5 and average note in messages > = 2.5

Gold: Seniority = 365 days, average note in products > = 4 and average note in messages > = 4

Keep in mind that these parameters are by default. The administrator can change them according to his criteria.

In addition to that, the levels have % commission that you can be used on the sale of the products.

The design of customer and vendor messages was completely changed with the main goal of adapting better to mobile devices.

Customers can now rate the messages they have received from a salesperson for technical support to indicate how satisfied they are.

Added subject field in messages between customer, seller and administrator.

The average support can now be displayed on the seller's profile and on the product page.

The notification of new order to the seller is now executed within the createSellerOrders() function. In this way, it also works when the administrator decides that the notice to the seller must be at the time of purchase.

We have added a shortcut to the elements that allow managing the market in the module configuration.

Removed overwriting of Webservices to use addWebserviceResources hook.

Now you can enable the seller to add a banner to the header of their seller profile.

The translation of the text 'CIF / NIF' was replaced by 'Identification number' everywhere.

On the page that allows you to view and manage all the messages between the customer, the seller and the administrator, you can now see a header with the number of messages and threads, the average response time in 30 days calculated in hours and the degree of technical support quality offered by all sellers.

You can now see the seller's average response time in the seller's management, in the seller's profile, and on the product page.

Now the administrator can decide if he wants to manage the percentages of variable commission by seller, by category or by levels.

You also have the ability to enable products from the same seller on the product page.

Important changes have been made to the Dashboard or earnings page that can be seen by the market manager.

All the following information now appears on this page:

  1. Temporary filter.
  2. Graph of income, expenses and profit.
  3. Best Sellers Sorted By Highest Profits For You.
  4. Best products on the market ordered by greater benefits for you.
  5. Last orders from sellers.
  6. Sellers pending approval.
  7. Products pending approval.
  8. Commissions pending payment.
  9. Pending transfers.
  10. Seller ratings (technical support and average response time).

The seller can now have a more very interesting massive action since it will allow to update prices and quantities massively.

In the module configuration, shortcuts have been added to the main management pages: sellers, products, commission history, etc.

In the dashboard or summary of sales of the seller account now all its statistics appear.

The confirmation page now shows all orders divided by package or vendor.


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