Multishop Marketplace

Incorporate a multi-store market within your PrestaShop to allow other users to register as employees to sell on your platform.


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Administrator benefits

Market ecosystem

Environment with multiple sellers offering countless products to customers.

Shops creation

Possibility of offering the creation of online stores for your sector.

Business expansion

Expansion of partners or employees in your sector.

Adaptable to your business

Marketplace module adaptable to any type of business.


Offer an infinite number of templates so that the seller can choose a design for their store (You can buy and install templates that will be automatically detected by the module for sellers).

Permission management

Fully configurable permission management for sellers.

Theme Compatibility

Compatible with most themes available in PrestaShop Addons.

Benefits for the seller

Affordable store

Sellers can create their store for free on your marketplace platform.

Quick, intuitive and step-by-step creation

From the front of the main store, sellers can create their store in 4 simple steps: Store, domain, template and login details.

Free service

There are no commissions for use or sales.

Complete management

Access to the PrestaShop Backoffice to manage your own store.

Catalog management

The seller can see and manage their products, categories, features and everything you allow.

Customer Management

The seller can see and manage his own clients.

Orders management

The seller can view and manage your orders. Change status, view shipping address, tracking number, products, etc.

Carrier management

The seller can create his own carriers and shipping rates.

Payment methods

The seller can configure their payment methods. For example, you can install PayPal and each seller could configure this module to add their API keys to receive payments.

And much more...

You can actually enable any feature available in your store for sellers.

Shop creation in 4 steps

Shop details

The seller can indicate the name of the store and upload a logo.


The seller can set their domain details, physical url, virtual url and see the final url as a result.


The seller can choose a template from those installed in your market for their shop.

Access data

Name, lastname, email and password are the only data necessary to create the seller account.


With this module, you'll be able to create a marketplace system for your industry within a multi-store environment.

This means that each vendor can register and create their own online space or store to sell their products under the multi-store system provided by the PrestaShop platform. Each vendor is an employee who manages one of the stores within the multi-store system.

In this context, the products from vendors are not mixed in one store; instead, each store has its own space and showcase where it displays only its own products.

At a global level, this module allows you to display a page where customers can see all the stores or vendors within the marketplace and access the ones of their interest.

Customers can enter a store and make a purchase, much like in a traditional or physical marketplace. They can then enter another store and buy from a different vendor.

Vendors are employees who can access the marketplace's back office with their credentials and the permissions you grant them.

Vendors can independently manage their customers, orders, catalog, and everything you allow, with all available options.

Payments for orders can be received directly by the vendor, provided you grant them permission to configure payment modules for their store.

Similarly, vendors can have access to manage any modules, as long as you grant them permission for the corresponding profile.

By default, vendors are not charged commissions. If you need to charge them commissions for usage, or in any other way, various solutions can be implemented, which we can customize as needed.


Seller moderation

You have the choice whether or not to accept seller accounts for your marketplace.

Seller Profile

Select the employee profile for marketplace sellers..

Back office url

Provides the Backoffice url so that sellers can access the management panel of their store.


Indicates the email that will receive market notifications.

Email to administrator

You can decide whether to receive an email when the seller registers.

Email to seller

You can decide whether to send a welcome email to the seller after creating their shop.


PrestaShop v1.6.0.4 - v8.1.0


2.0.0 (10/08/2023)

Available languages

You can easily translate this module into any language.

Module Creator Partner: SuperHero

Module creator partner Superhero seller

Why choose us?


Install this module easily, in one click, from the modules management of your store. Upload and install it.

Quality code

Complying with PrestaShop code standards.


Module tested and working perfectly in our own PrestaShop module store.


Guarantee the success of your business with this unique module and differentiate yourself from the competition.


Developed by PrestaShop experts with more than 15 years of experience in the Ecommerce sector.


We are aware of the importance of fulfilling the development of the work in the stipulated time. We put our capabilities to the maximum to carry out the entrusted task.


Delighted with our work. Dividing to win is a whole philosophy of life and that is what we do every day to give you solutions.

We hear you

Analysis, constant work and innovation. We always listen to your suggestions and requests to improve and make a more complete product.

Help and updates

Enjoy important updates every year and ask for unlimited help with technical support included in the purchase.

Hour bags

To resolve specific problems, hire a bag of hours to provide you with the most appropriate and personalized technical assistance with priority and/or exclusivity.

PrestaShop Maintenance

With the maintenance service, we take care of everything related to the technical part of your store and help you improve your business.


Ask for budgets without commitment to make specific modifications in your shop..

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  • Perfecto
    By Rafael P for Multishop Marketplace on 07/31/2015
    Este modulo es justamente lo que necesitaba. Muchas gracias desarrollador
  • Posibilidades
    for Multishop Marketplace on 12/17/2015
    este módulo tiene muchas posibilidades para los vendedores en cuanto al backoffice. en el front office me gustaria que los productos estuvieran todos en una única tienda
  • works great!!!
    By mehdi s for Multishop Marketplace on 10/05/2016
    I would recommend this product.

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