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Minimum amount, error log, 3D Secure and much more

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Important update. New version 1.5.0, minimum amount, error log, 3D Secure and much more.

Version 1.5.0 brings notable improvements and fixes that I will detail below:

In the module settings, just below the successful connection message, there is now a new message show the identifier of the Stripe account of the marketplace.

To create a payment attempt, a minimum amount of €0.5 is required for Europe. Now we are considering this minimum amount since doing tests in real mode and with low amounts, the payment attempts did not work.

For the exceptions or error messages returned by the Stripe API, we are now using the PrestaShopLogger object to add this information to the store's error log. In this way, you can easily find out what happens when a problem is present.

The current payment attempt identifier can now be removed for testing and technical purposes. In the displayHeader hook you can see how you can delete the current payment attempt.

In the installation of this module it is now checked if the "Official Stripe" module is installed in your store or not to disable it. It is important to know that the two modules cannot be installed in the same store since they use the same resources and are not compatible.

JavaScript files are embedded in the page with priority to define the correct load order.

The front.css file is now being loaded in the page header using the "displayHeader" hook.

The payment method is now not shown on the checkout page if the amount of the cart is less than €0.5.

To improve the presence of the form that allows the customer to add the card, the margins contained in the parent container have been removed.

The payment validation controller now checks if the status of the payment attempt was successful to create a correct order in PrestaShop or not.

Tests were also made with many types of cards including cards with 3D Secure.

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