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How do you manage intra-community operators in your shop?

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Discover how to manage intra-community operations automatically in your store without touching anything in the management of taxes or customer groups in your shop.

A common and unresolved problem in the PrestaShop base is the management of professional clients or intra-community operators.

Trying to do it through the tax management of your store or through customer groups is a possibility, but it does not completely solve the problem.

Actually, it's a real headache since you can only disable taxes for a specific country or area but not for a customer from that area.

We have been dealing with the same problem for years and we have not found a solution in the PrestaShop base that avoids disabling taxes for an entire country simply so that a professional client can buy without VAT.

It is a lack of control since, if you forget to re-activate the taxes for that country after the intra-community operator makes the purchase, orders from non-professional customers from the same country can sneak in, also paying without taxes, causing a legal problem.

With customer groups it seems that it was possible in the past but in recent versions of PrestaShop we have not seen the way.

We have our own module store and we sell to the whole world.

We are intra-community operators that can sell to all the countries of the European Community without taxes, except to Spain.

Intra-community operators or professionals who have their place of operations in a country of the European Community complain because they cannot pay in our store without taxes.

We are tired of receiving messages with the same problem to which we have sought a solution that we want to share with you.

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