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Stripe subscriptions available in 145 currencies

Categories: Updates
Major update to the Stripe Subscriptions module, highlighting the removal of the currency limitation and that the customer can now cancel their subscription.

Recent changes:

VERSION 1.3.0 (25/07/2022)

 * ADD: available in 145 currencies

 * ADD: now you can allow the customer to cancel their subscription at any time

 * FIX: when you create a product of type subscription type custom in 5 months it shows 5 days

Version 1.3.0 corrects a small problem with the display of rates on the product page, but it mainly focuses on the possibility of working with 145 currencies.

The most outstanding feature that this new version brings is, without a doubt, the possibility of being able to enable the payment method for 145 currencies, thus eliminating the limitation of using it only for Euro and US Dollar.

Now, as an administrator, you can allow the customer to cancel their subscriptions at any time. If you enable this option, from the subscriptions section of the customer's account it is possible to press the button that allows you to cancel the subscription both in the store and in Stripe automatically to avoid receiving more automatic payments.

This version also fixes a small price display problem on the product page.

This problem only appear when you create a subscription with custom timing.

When you decided to create a subscription to pay every 5 months, for example, "days" appeared on the product page instead of "months".

Upgrade to take advantage of these advances and continue to grow your business.

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