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Improves your marketplace communication with WhatsApp

Angie Reyes

Whatsapp module version 1.0.0

Allows your customers to communicate with you and market sellers using WhatsApp. Customers can contact you and the market sellers directly to solve the doubts and get the hot sale.

Improves your marketplace communication by benefiting from the popularity of the most used application for communication from mobile phones: WhatsApp. Remember that practically everyone has at least one mobile phone and the favorite program to communicate with their friends is WhatsApp. Why don't you take advantage of this program and allow customer communication via WhatsApp in your store? You can only win.

This module can help you increase sales since a study says that if the doubts are resolved at the same time of the visit, the chances that that customer will buy are higher as long as the questions resolved are of interest to them.

Do not hesitate, this module will help you to enhance communication with the client without a doubt and you will have it there whenever you need it.

This module is ideal for communicating from your mobile but it can also work on a desktop computer thanks to the fact that it also connects with WhatsApp web.


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