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In cetasko you can now know the customer satisfaction

Angie Reyes

Know the degree of satisfaction that customers have with the technical support offered by your employees and discover who is your best employee.

Recent changes:


Now customers can rate each comment received indicating the satisfaction or quality of technical support. Gets feedback from your customers and discover who your best employees are.

The customer can rate the messages they have received on a ticket.

The administrator and each employee can see the customer ratings in the ticket thread or conversation since each message sent by an employee has the degree of satisfaction in the upper right part of it.

We use the HelperKpi class to show a header on the tickets dashboard with the number of open tickets, average response time in 30 days and the quality of the average technical support valued at 5 stars maximum.

A table of the best employees also appears in the ticket dashboard where you can see, ordered from best to worst, the employee, the quality of the support and the average response time.

The logo of the Cetasko module has been updated in order to improve its designv and more clearly represent the functionality of the module with an open envelope and the lifebuoy as the main elements.

The compatibility of this higher version has been updated to be compatible with PrestaShop 1.7 as a minimum and the latest version available as a maximum.


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