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New LC Lightbox Lite Gallery module available for your shop

Angie Reyes

The LC Lightbox Lite Gallery module is finally available to download, which will allow you to add galleries in any position in your shop.

Creates attractive image galleries and hook them to any hook or position in your shop.

There are no limits. You can create as many galleries as you need.

Improves the appearance and usability of your store by adding quality images in a gallery with impressive functions that you are sure to like.

Improves the product page gallery by activating the LC Lightbox Lite gallery for product photos. As you can see in the demo site, it is a much more usable and functional gallery for your users and / or potential clients.

Bulk uploading of images will allow you to quickly create galleries. You will be able to order elements, duplicate them, delete them, activate them, etc.

In the specific hooks of the category page, cms page and product page, you can choose which objects will have the gallery you are creating.

For example, if you decide to hook your gallery to the "displayFooterProduct" hook, a hook only available on the product page, a multiple selector will appear where you can choose which products will show this specific gallery. In this way, you can create different galleries for each product if you want.

With this module you can also create new pages with image gallery. This can be great for creating an image gallery for a portfolio, or your team, or even your facilities.

With this add-on installed in your store, you will be able to enrich your store with additional content of great visual value that can attract the attention of your potential customers.

These galleries help a lot to improve the average time of stay in the store of visiting users since it is a very good idea to publicize your business through images.

Another very interesting detail is that for the galleries there is a generic configuration but each gallery can also have its own configurations. This means that in your store you can have different galleries with different formats.


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