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New module Featured Products in Category

Angie Reyes

New module already available for your store that will allow you to highlight products in each category. Highlights important products in a category. Give more visibility to the products of your interest.

Do you have a marketplace and would like to highlight products from some sellers or your own products? Do you have a basic store and want to highlight products in a category to get more sales?

The "Featured Products in Category" module may be able to help you.

This module allows you to place yourself in a category to choose which products will appear as featured in that category.

Choose a category and select those products that you want to highlight.

In each category the featured products will appear on one of the hooks available on the category page.

The available hooks are:

  • Category footer
  • Left or right column

In PrestaShop 1.7.8 a new "DisplayHeaderCategory" hook will be added that will allow adding featured products to the header of the category page. We hope that it will be available soon as it would be the ideal position for the featured products in the category.

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