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JA Marketplace Stripe Connect is now available again

Angie Reyes

Important update. New version 1.3.0 in which several important problems that you may have been expecting have been corrected.

Bombshell. The news you were waiting for!

JA Marketplace Stripe Connecta is now available again.

The commercialization of this complement had to be interrupted mainly due to problems when making the payment and especially when scheduling the transfers to the seller as commissions.

The JavaScript code that validates the customer card has been revised to cover all possible error scenarios.

Commission transfers to sellers involved in the purchase are now executed in the payment method validation controller. This implies having to calculate them beforehand.

For JA Marketplace Stripe Connect to work properly, JA Marketplace 7.2.0 is required, version in which the id_cart attribute has been added to the commission history table. This in order to create commissions through the cart before creating the order.

This allows us to create the commissions and transfers to the seller in the validation controller, just before creating the order in PrestaShop. This way, if there are any errors, 2 orders are not created.

Added "OrderConfirmation" hook to further customize the order confirmation page. The thank you and payment ID is now displayed.

In real mode, if there were not enough funds, the Stripe API returned an error to the client that there were not enough funds to make the transfers to the sellers. Now the payment can be made even if there are no funds in the Stripe account associated with the marketplace.

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