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New version 3.7.0 of the Cetasko module

Angie Reyes

Major update of the Cetasko module in which we have added many improvements. We highlight the multiple upload of attachments and the change of appearance of the messages.

Recent changes:

VERSION 3.7.0 (01/02/2021)

 * ADD: considerate PS_ATTACHMENT_MAXIMUM_SIZE for file attachments

 * ADD: Maximum upload size information field

 * ADD: allowed extensions information field

 * ADD: file extension end point consideration

 * ADD: number of tickets in admin customer

 * ADD: number of tickets in admin order

 * ADD: show number of messages with badge rounded class

 * ADD: order reference in the customer manage

 * ADD: automatic closing of tickets awaiting response for customers

 * ADD: change the appearance of messages

 * ADD: Tickets awaiting response from the customer in bold style

 * ADD: use displayMyAccountBlock

 * ADD: use displayNav2

 * ADD: now it is possible to transfer a ticket to another department from ticket management

 * ADD: advanced search


The Cetasko module is one of our favourite modules, for that reason it is continuously growing.

We use it in our own store to manage tickets and technical support messages with customers.

In this important update, the configuration variable "PS_ATTACHMENT_MAXIMUM_SIZE" is now being considered to control the maximum upload size of attachments.

Additional information has been added below the attachment upload field to inform the customer and admin of the maximum size allowed. Information on allowed extensions was also added.

From a technical point of view, file extensions are now controlled by the endpoint of the attachment.

In the Backoffice, in the client file, the administrator can now see the number of tickets that the client has sent. Also in the Backoffice, on the order management page, the administrator can now see the number of tickets associated with the order.

The ticket page layout now displays the number of ticket messages using a rounded badge.

In the Backoffice, in the client file, the administrator can see one more column with the order reference.

We also added an important functionality that allows automatic closing of tickets awaiting customer response. Now the administrator can indicate the number of days to close an unanswered ticket and select a predefined message to send at the time of ticket closing.

We modified the look of the messages in order to improve both customer's account and pages managed by the administrator.

In the table of tickets that can be seen in the customer account, the bold style was added to highlight the messages that the administrator is waiting for a response and the customer should respond.

Now we are using the "displayMyAccountBlock" hook to display link to tickets from my account block in the footer.

A new controller has been added that allows searching and finding a string in any information field of the tickets. It is possible to find a keyword in:

  • Customer name
  • Client's surname
  • Order identifier
  • Order reference
  • Section
  • Condition
  • Priority
  • Ticket subject
  • Description of the ticket
  • Another description of the ticket
  • Private description of the ticket
  • Message Subject
  • Description of the message
  • Name of the attached file

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