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New module JA Marketplace Seller Documents

Angie Reyes

Surely all of us, at some point, have had the need to fill in a form or write any information that has been required to carry out any procedure. Doing this work is very heavy and from a mobile phone it is even more uncomfortable, being able to scan or photograph and send the document or file. For this type of task, our module adds a multiple file selector in the "Create and edit seller" form.

This new module that allows the seller to add documents and files to his account to credit any additional information.

Uploading and sharing files over the internet today is very common and necessary. For this we have many platforms at our disposal. Sometimes these are paid and others free, this is why the capacity must always be taken into consideration. With this module, the seller can easily upload files of the maximum size allowed by the server.

This add-on provides us with several formatting options to upload documents or files. The seller can see the allowed formats (By default: txt, rtf, doc, docx, pdf, zip, png, jpeg, gif and jpg). These formats must be taken into account since according to those that have been enabled, an effective shipment can be made by accepting the conditions of service.

This is the function of the new module, to ease the sending of information by uploading documents or files required by the administrator. It has a server to store documents, photos or any type of information. It is an easy to use tool that makes it easy for the seller and the administrator to access the files at all times.

Once installed, the seller only has to select the files to upload and it will appear inserted with their name in the multiple selectors separated by commas. In the seller's profile it is possible to see all the files that the same seller has uploaded.

In short, this module provides us with additional information to have a more complete seller profile, this way we can always keep the required documentation available for any subsequent procedures.

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