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Major update of the counter offers module version 1.4.0

JA Modules

Important update of the module that allows the client to send a counter offer in which we highlight the adaptation to PrestaShop 1.7 and JA Marketplace 7.x.

Recent changes:

VERSION 1.4.0 (19/10/2020)

 * ADD: upgrade module author

 * ADD: upgrade logo

 * ADD: adaptation with jmarketplace 7.0.0

 * ADD: use new getBreadcrumbLinks function

 * ADD: use init function in controllers

 * ADD: use displayMarketplaceMenuOptions hook

 * ADD: improve table and buttons

 * ADD: admin, seller and customer now can see the original price and difference

 * ADD: when a product is for auction, the counter offer button disappears

 * ADD: use registerStylesheet and registerJavascript for load css an JavaScript files

 * ADD: configuration tabs

 * ADD: related modules

 * ADD: lscd security


The author of this module has been updated. It now belongs to the JA Modules company.

The logo for this module was updated in order to more significantly represent its functionality.

Some visual aspects were adapted to the new version of JA Marketplace 7.

Now the new getBreadcrumbLinks() function is being used in PrestaShop 1.7 to generate the breadcrumbs of the pages that this module adds in your shop.

The init() function has been added in the controllers that allow managing the counter offers to the seller and the customer in order to control access.

Now the hook "displayMarketplaceMenuOptions" is being used to allow access to the management of counter offers to sellers from the options menu that can be enabled on the side of the marketplace pages.

Table and button appearance improvements have been added to improve usability and layout.

The administrator, the seller and the customer can now see the original price, the counter offer and the difference in order to improve the performance of the add-on.

When a product is in auction mode using the "JA Marketplace Seller Auctions" module, the counter offer button is no longer visible.

To add CSS and JavaScript files, the functions registerStylesheet() and registerJavascript() are now used respectively.

In the module configuration tabs were added to change the design.

Now there are 3 tabs. The management of counter offers, related modules and module additional information.

Added an extra level of security.

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