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New module JA Marketplace Seller's product video

Angie Reyes Núñez

New module available for your shop that allows you and the sellers in your market to add a video to the products using the YouTube platform.

The functionality to allow the seller to add a video to their products is finally now available for download.

On this occasion, we have decided that it only works with the YouTube platform. This means that the seller and the marketplace manager must have or create a YouTube account to upload their videos. They can then easily link them to the marketplace by adding the video identifier in the product edit form.

Why have we chosen YouTube and not another platform?

YouTube is one of the most popular social networks that exist today that allows you to upload and share video on the network for free. Users of this platform upload videos of any subject. Why not create and share videos of the products you sell?

The advantage of doing this is incredible and you will notice the difference.

Creating and adding videos of the products you sell and embedding them in your online store allows you to obtain the following benefits for free:

  • Improves user experience.
  • Visitors will spend more time on your website watching videos of the products that may interest them.
  • Your website navigation improves dramatically.
  • The time that customers and visitors spend in your online store increases exponentially.
  • Improves the quality of the information and make the product page more dynamic.
  • Allows the customer to get to know your product better.
  • Allows sellers to better publicize their products.
  • Your videos are visible on a platform where there are millions of users.

The only drawback I can see is that creating videos requires a lot of time and effort but I assure you it is worth it.

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