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JA Marketplace seller video new version 2.0.0

JA Modules

Important update of the module that allows adding a video in the profile of the seller of the marketplace in which we have applied improvements both in the front and in the Backoffice.

Recent changes:

VERSION 2.0.0 (09/09/2020)

 * ADD: change module Author

 * ADD: ps version compliancy

 * ADD: now the seller must indicate the identifier of the YouTube video

 * ADD: embed responsive bootstrap video

 * ADD: colspan 2 for show video 100% on seller profile

 * ADD: lsdc security

 * ADD: upgrade description

 * ADD: upgrade logo

 * ADD: configuration tabs

 * ADD: use displayMarketplaceAdminSeller hook to display video seller information (backoffice)


In this version of the module "JA Marketplace seller video" we have added important improvements that are sure to interest you.

The author of this module has been updated. It now belongs to the JA Modules company.

PrestaShop version compatibility added. Now functional in PrestaShop 1.6 and 1.7.

The elements that this module add to the edit and create seller account form have been minimized. Now only a text field is displayed that allows the seller to add the YouTube platform video identifier. The option to add Vimeo videos has been removed.

Features have been added to do responvise video or adapt to all devices using Bootstrap technology.

Added the colspan = "2" attribute to display the video to the maximum width of the seller profile data table.

Added an additional security check.

The description has been updated considering the new features that have been added and removed.

The logo of this module has been updated.

In the module configuration, tabs were added to show module information, acknowledgments, contact buttons, change history and related modules.

This module was added to the "displayMarketplaceAdminSeller" hook to allow the administrator to view the seller's video directly from the Backoffice.

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