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JA Marketplace seller subscriptions version 1.5.0

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Important update of the JA Marketplace seller subscriptions module in which we have adapted this module to the new version of JA Marketplace 7 among other details.

Recent changes:

VERSION 1.5.0 (04/09/2020) - major upgrade

 * ADD: jmarketplace v7.0.0 adaptation

 * ADD: template partials

 * ADD: lsdc security

 * ADD: use seller token

 * ADD: use init function in controllers

 * ADD: use jmarketplace panel

 * ADD: reuse of seller-account-footer template

 * ADD: redirect to subscription when administrator create a subscription

 * ADD: remove box shadow in subscriptions page

 * ADD: use ProductListingPresenter for display subscriptions packs

 * ADD: upgrade logo


In this important functional update in PrestaShop 1.7.5 onwards and JA Marketplace 7 we have added a lot of improvements that are sure to interest you.

The page that shows the subscriptions in the seller's account has been designed to be compatible with the panel design provided by JA Markeptlace 7.x.

In general, the module has been adapted to the new features that JA Marketplace 7.x brings.

The init() function has been added to the controller that displays the seller susbscriptions list in order to control access.

2 levels of security have been added to access the subscriptions page with a unique token for each seller generated by the main JA Marketplace module.

The .tpl template code has been divided into parts to have a better control of the code and to be able to carry a better maintenance.

In the footer of the seller's subscriptions, the template that JA Marketplace brings is now being reused. In this way, the code is reused and duplicate code is avoided.

When the admin creates a new subscription from the Backoffice, it is now redirected to the subscriptions page to avoid duplication of the record when the admin inadvertently resubmits the form.

The page showing subscription packages on the front for the seller has been improved. Removed the shadow and white background from the page box and the product template from the active template is now being reused.

Now the new feature "ProductListingPresenter" is being used for the display of the subscription package listing.

The logo for this module was updated in order to more significantly represent its functionality.

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