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JA Marketplace "products from the same seller" new version 1.1.0

JA Modules

Important update of the products module of the same seller on the product page highlighting the use of "PrestaShop Adapter" and "ProductListingPresenter" to display the products with the appearance of the active template.

Recent changes:

VERSION 1.1.0 (08/05/2020)

  • * ADD: change author module
  • * ADD: upgrade logo
  • * ADD: ps version compliancy 1.7
  • * FIX: remove displayInformation function, problems in installation in ps 1.7.6
  • * ADD: contact buttons in module configuration
  • * ADD: use backOfficeHeader hook
  • * ADD: remove getPrestaShopVersion function
  • * ADD: use PrestaShop adapter
  • * ADD: on the front now the appearance of the products is being displayed with the active template
  • * ADD: remove displayHeader hook
  • * ADD: new getProducts function of seller special excluding the parent product


In this version the author of this module has been updated and now belongs to the JA Modules company.

The logo of this module has been updated customizing its design and embedding the logo of this site.

This update is considered important because it is an update that mainly allows this module to adapt to the new template display system that PrestaShop has for products.

This means that this version is only compatible and functional if JA Marketplace version 6 or higher and PrestaShop 1.7 and later are installed in your store.

For compatibility reasons with the new displayInformation function that was added as a new feature in the PrestaShop Module class, the function that contained this module with the same name has had to be removed. This condition caused this module could not be installed correctly in your store. Now version 1.1.0 of this module eliminates this function and can now be installed without problems.

The following buttons have been added in the module configuration:

  • Contact with direct link to the technical support center.
  • Link to the list of complementary modules for JA Marketplace.
  • Button to help us qualify this purchase and get a discount.
  • Change log

Added the hook "backOfficeHeader" to add styles for the configuration buttons.

The "getPrestaShopVersion" function that this module used to be functional in 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7 has been removed. There is now a file package for each version.

Now this module in its version 1.1.0 is using the new functionalities provided by the "PrestaShop Adapter" and the "ProductListingPresenter" with the aim of improving the display of the same seller's products on the product page.

On the front, on the product page, blocks, sections, and the thumbnail template that the active template uses to display a product in product listings are now used.

The hook "displayHeader" is no longer required. Has been deleted.

A new function has been added to get products from the same seller excluding the product that is being displayed.

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