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Cetasko new version 3.3.0

Angie Reyes

Important update of the Cetasko module where we have improved several graphic and technical details related to the front in PrestaShop 1.7.

Recent changes:

VERSION 3.3.0 (09/09/2019)

  • * ADD: backend links adaptation in PrestaShop
  • * ADD: use getAdminLink
  • * ADD: ticket template improvements
  • * ADD: alert message for customers
  • * ADD: use datatable plugin to filtering, sorting and pagination tickets in customer account
  • * ADD: button add a new ticket in AdminOrder
  • * ADD: customer can see a list of tickets and create a new ticket in the order detail page
  • * ADD: use block name page title
  • * ADD: use block name page footer


This version contains an adaptation that affects the Backend menu links in PrestaShop

Now the getAdminLink () function is being used to create the links to the client page or the order detail in the administration.

The ticket view template has been improved in the front and in the administration part.

We have added an alert message that can be very useful to inform customers when they check their tickets or create a new ticket.

The Datatable plugin has been incorporated to change the appearance of the ticket list in the customer's account. It is now possible to filter and sort by each field. The customer can indicate the number to paginate the tickets. The presentation of tickets is divided into pages. Pagination added.

From the Backend, in the order management, a button has now been added to create a new ticket associated with the order.

Now the customer can see a list of tickets and create a new ticket on the detail page of his order.

In the .tpl templates the blocks on the page are now being used to display the title separately.

In the .tpl templates, the page blocks are now being used to display the footer links separately.

In this way, the visual part is more suited to the news that PrestaShop brings and the active theme of your shop.

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