Customization Prices

Adds a cost or price to the custom fields of your store's products. It charges a fee for customizations of the product and increases the average price of the cart.


What this module does for you

  • Earn extra money with product customizations.
  • Increase the average price of the cart.
  • Increase your store's billing.
  • Informs the customer of the cost of the customizations on the product page.

This module can be very useful for shops that allow the customer to customize the product and want to add a price to customizations.

For example, a t-shirt store can offer the customer the possibility of customizing the shirt he buys. A possible personalization for this specific case could be to add a shield, name or number on the shirt.

This module allows you to add a cost to each custom field. For example, you can indicate that adding a shield costs €5.00, adding the name costs €3.00 and adding the number costs €4.00.

If the product without personalization costs € 40.00, by adding all the previous customizations and adding to the cart the total cost would be €52.00.

In the cart, the customizations appear in a new line as if it were just another product.

If you have not already done so, on the page to edit the product you must first create all the custom fields, as specified in the first images shown on this page.

If all the products in your store have custom fields, you may find it useful to save time with the module we have to add custom fields in a massive way. You can see it in the following link:

Once you have added all the custom fields to the catalog products, it is time to go to the module configuration to add a price or cost to each custom field. You have the possibility to indicate a tax rate for the customizations that will be applied in the cart.

You can choose the type of customization cost. The cost of customization can be created as a new product that is automatically added to the cart along with the main product or, the cost of customization can be added to the price of the customized product in the cart.

From the configuration you can also clean the customizations made by the customers that are registered in the catalog. For each validated order, the removal process is automatically executed if you have this option enabled. Customizations that are in the shopping cart of customers who have not purchased are maintained.

Now you also have the possibility to upload an image for the customizations. This image appears in the shopping cart, in the order and in the invoice if you wish. If you do not add an image for the customizations, they will appear with the default image of the product without image.

On the product page that has custom fields with cost, an information table of the cost of each custom field appears. A "Customize Now" button appears that takes you to the form that allows you to add the custom fields.

In this form appears the price or cost of each customization that can be applied to the product.

It is advisable to first create all custom fields for each product and then install the module and assign a cost.

Demostration details


For beginner users
(*) Very easy installation and configuration

First of all, click "Add new module" at modules tab on back office. You will find it in the top right. After that, select packaged file you have downloaded and click "Upload file". Now your module appears on modules list. Click on "Install", and "Configure" next.

You can also unload .zip file and upload it into your modules directory. In this way you will install and configure module from modules admin.

Support and updates?

The purchase of this module includes 3 months of support (*) and 3 months free updates. (*) The technical support includes answering all your questions and doubts and resolve any issues having to do with the module. It excluded adaptations to different types of template and personalizations.

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6 comments about "Customization Prices"

4/5 based on 6 comments


6 comments about "Customization Prices"

  • muy agradecida
    By on 12/11/2018

    Gracias a este módulo estoy ganando dinero con las personalizaciones. Sin el no sería posible. Es la clave de mi negocio.

  • Añadir por una unidad
    By on 09/21/2016

    He comprado este módulo, y no hace exactamente lo que pensaba, pues el precio por la personalización me lo añade por todas las unidades que yo añada aunque sea un mismo producto. Yo solo quiero que añada el importe una única vez por cada tipo de producto.

  • precio del campo personalizado por producto
    By on 09/13/2016

    me gusta este modulo pero me gustaria mas si se pudiera decidir el precio del campo personalizado para cada producto en concreto, es posible hacerlo?

  • Resolutivos
    By on 03/29/2016

    Al instalar el modulo tuve un problema porque no realizaba lo que quería. Me puse en contacto con el equipo técnico y me lo solucionaron eficazmente.
    Luego les comenta una mejora que creia importante y se pusieron manos a la obra.

    Muy satisfecho hasta el momento,

  • problemas en el carrito
    By on 12/17/2015

    cuando añado un producto sin personalización y el mismo con personalización en el carrito los precios no cuadran

  • Work
    By on 03/24/2015

    It is working

Customization Prices

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1.10.4 (15/09/2020)

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