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Listes de souhaits du client

Listes de souhaits du client

Permet au client de créer des listes de produits favoris, des listes de souhaits ou des listes de produits à acheter ultérieurement avec...

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Les listes de souhaits des clients sont maintenant disponibles dans PrestaShop 8

Catégories: Mises à niveau
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Importante mise à jour du module "Customer Wish Lists" désormais compatible avec PrestaShop 8, adapté aux nouvelles normes de code et bien plus encore.

Version 2.0.0 of the best wish list module you can imagine for your PrestaShop store is here.

In this new version of the module we made all the necessary changes to make it compatible with PrestaShop 8.

We modified the module to adapt it to PHP and Symfony coding standards.

The module is now compliant with the new code standards for PrestaShop 8 by running the "PHP Coding Standards Fixer" tool.

Version 2.0.0 of this magnificent module is an important update and it only works in PrestaShop 1.7.5 onwards. This means that you may need to update your store to the latest version in order to enjoy this version.

The header messages of the module files related to the license have been changed to show information and contact with the developer company.

JavaScript variables are now included in the template using Media:addJsDef.

To add style sheets and JavaScript files in the Backoffice, the "backOfficeHeader" hook was used, which has been deprecated. Now we use the "actionAdminControllerSetMedia" hook instead.

Added significant improvements to the design of the pages that this module adds in the customer account. There have been major changes to the Wish List page and Wish List product page to improve performance on smaller devices.

Removed a deprecated file called "end-content.tpl".

Replaced the die() function to be replaced by exit() in the return of calls to the server using the Ajax technique.

As of this version, this module no longer uses fancybox for modal windows. It now uses the Bootstrap modal. That way, modal windows have a more modern, minimalist, and professional look. On top of that, an important resource is removed to improve page performance.

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