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Catégories mises en évidence sur la page d’accueil

Promouvoir ou mettez en évidence les catégories et/ou sous-catégories sélectionnées dans votre boutique.

Categorías destacadas en la página de inicio - Promociona o destaca las categorías y/o subcategorías seleccionadas en tu tienda
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Category promotion

Highlight and increase the visibility of the desired categories or subcategories in your shop.


Improve your store navigation by adding more internal links.


Optimize SEO positioning for the categories in your shop.


Improve the appearance of your store's home page.

More sales

Increases product sales in featured categories.


Users can find the most important categories and/or subcategories of your store more quickly.

User experience

Users can access your shop categories faster.

Navigation time

Users can stay in your shop longer by visiting the featured categories of your shop.


Featured categories on the home page are usually specially selected sections to attract visitors' attention and guide them to relevant, popular or important content.

Below is a description of some common featured categories that you could use in your store using this module:

News or New Arrivals

This section highlights the most recent products, articles or content added to the site. It is ideal for keeping visitors up to date with the latest updates.

Example: New blog articles, product launches, breaking news.

Best Selling or Popular

The products, services or content that are most popular among users are shown here. This can help new visitors discover what others value most.

Example: Best-selling books, most popular technology articles, viral videos.

Offers or Promotions

Section dedicated to discounts, special offers and limited promotions. It is useful for attracting buyers who are looking for good prices or to save money.

Example: Seasonal discounts, flash offers, 2x1 promotions.

Recommended for you

Using recommendation algorithms, this section suggests products or content based on the user's previous behavior or interests.

Example: Personalized series suggestions on a streaming platform, recommended products in an online store.


This section shows what is trending at the moment. You can include products, hashtags, news, or trending topics that are generating a lot of interest.

Example: Seasonal fashion, current topics on social networks, trending technological gadgets.

Main Categories

Highlights the main categories of the site, making navigation easier for users to quickly find what they are looking for.

Example: Electronics, Fashion, Home, Sports.

Featured Opinions

Section that presents outstanding reviews or testimonials from clients or users. This can help build trust and credibility.

Example: User opinions about products, testimonials from satisfied customers.

Upcoming Events or Launches

Inform users about upcoming events, product launches or any relevant developments.

Example: Presentations of new products, webinars, trade fairs.

Editorials or Featured Articles

Shows articles, blogs or editorials selected for their relevance or quality, offering interesting and valuable content.

Example: Opinion articles, special reports, practical guides.

These featured categories help improve the user experience by making navigation easier and bringing the most relevant and engaging content to the forefront.


Featured category management

Easily add, remove and sort featured categories in your shop.

Category image

Possibility of showing or not the category image in the featured categories block.

Category name

Possibility to show or not the category name in the featured categories block.

Character limit for name

Indicates the maximum number of characters for the name of featured categories.

Category Description

Possibility of showing or not the category description.

Character limit for description

Indicates the maximum number of characters for the description of the featured categories.

Image type

Choose the type of image to use for featured categories.

Columns on large devices

Select the number of columns the featured category block will have on large devices.

Columns on medium devices

Select the number of columns the featured category block will have on medium devices.

Columns on small devices

Select the number of columns the featured category block will have on small devices.

7 hooks available

Select the position or hook in which the featured category block will be displayed.


PrestaShop v1.5.0.0 - v8.1.0


3.1.0 (05/06/2024)

Langues disponibles

You can easily translate this module into any language.

Partenaire créateur de module : SuperHéro

Module creator partner Superhero seller

Why choose us?


Install this module easily, in one click, from the modules management of your store. Upload and install it.

Quality code

Complying with PrestaShop code standards.


Module tested and working perfectly in our own PrestaShop module store.


Guarantee the success of your business with this unique module and differentiate yourself from the competition.


Developed by PrestaShop experts with more than 15 years of experience in the Ecommerce sector.


We are aware of the importance of fulfilling the development of the work in the stipulated time. We put our capabilities to the maximum to carry out the entrusted task.


Delighted with our work. Dividing to win is a whole philosophy of life and that is what we do every day to give you solutions.

We hear you

Analysis, constant work and innovation. We always listen to your suggestions and requests to improve and make a more complete product.

Help and updates

Enjoy important updates every year and ask for unlimited help with technical support included in the purchase.

Bonus d’heures

To resolve specific problems, hire a bag of hours to provide you with the most appropriate and personalized technical assistance with priority and/or exclusivity.

Maintenance PrestaShop

With the maintenance service, we take care of everything related to the technical part of your store and help you improve your business.


Ask for budgets without commitment to make specific modifications in your shop..

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