Welcome to Technical support center

In order to streamline requests for help, take better control of messages and offer better service, we provide a management system of tickets that can be used to:

  • Request programming aids that go beyond what is free on the blog
  • Manage incidents of customized modules or developments
  • Request tailor-made customizations or developments
  • Request quotes
  • Keep track of monthly hours and maintenance bonuses
  • Request any request that requires an effort

In our ticket management system , each request has a unique number that can be used to track progress and responses all centralized on a single page.

For your information we provide you with all the history of your tickets and messages.

We recommend using a valid email address to submit a ticket as the entire conversation must be done through the ticket manager and no response will be given by email. The system sends a notice by email to notify that your ticket has been answered and you must read it and respond to it in the same ticket manager.

Technical support is offered in Spanish or English. The response time can vary from 0 to 72 working hours depending on the volume of requests.

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