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Product comments available in PrestaShop 8

Categories: Updates
Important update of the "Product Comments" module now compatible with PrestaShop 8, adapted to the new code standards and much more.

Version 2.0.0 of the best product comment module with photo and Google Rich Snippets you can imagine for your PrestaShop is here.

In this new version of the module we made all the necessary changes to make it compatible with PrestaShop 8.

We modified the module to adapt it to PHP and Symfony coding standards.

The module is now compliant with the new code standards for PrestaShop 8 by running the "PHP Coding Standards Fixer" tool.

Version 2.0.0 of this magnificent module is an important update and it only works in PrestaShop 1.7.5 onwards. This means that you may need to update your shop to the latest version in order to enjoy this version.

On the product page there are important changes. All comments and rating information is now displayed only in the product footer.

We are using the new "filterProductContent" hook to add via json the schema or attributes of the comments and their rating with the main objective of displaying the rating stars in Google search results.

Removed the jQuery Rating Pack plugin to avoid overloading JavaScript code on the page.

Icon font "Font Awesome" or "Material Icons" is now used to display rating stars in svg format.

Both on the order detail page and on the customer comments and ratings page, the form that allows you to submit a comment now opens in a modal window with a more pleasant and usable appearance for the customer.

Completely changed the design of the customer feedback and ratings page. Now each purchase is displayed as a product in a list format inherited from the active template.

On this page, the logic or controller that allows obtaining the products that the customer can comment on based on the orders they have made during the registration time in the store was also updated.

To further improve usability, comments are now sent to the server using Ajax technique without reloading the page.

JavaScript variables are now included in the template using Media:addJsDef.

The cron or scriptable task that adds this module to your store has now been created as a controller for the module. At the time of updating this module in your store, it is important to change the cron settings on the server as the cron url has changed.

In the comments list that appears on the product page, on the home page and in the shop comments you can now link to the commented product.

In some contexts we have started to apply CSS techniques related to Flexbox and media queries.

To avoid redundant code in module templates, we've started doing code splits and file includes.

The header messages of the module files related to the license have been changed to show information and contact with the developer company.

Replaced the die() function to be replaced by exit() in the return of calls to the server using the Ajax technique.

To add style sheets and JavaScript files in the Backoffice, the "backOfficeHeader" hook was used, which has been deprecated. Now we use the "actionAdminControllerSetMedia" hook instead.

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