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Intracommunitary operators

Intracommunitary operators

Identify the VAT number of your professional and foreign clients from the European Community to sell your products and/or services...

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Make sure you operate with valid intra-community operators

Categories: Updates
Important update of the Intra-community Operators module now using DragonBe\Vies to validate VAT numbers in the European community.

In this version 2.0.0 of the Intracommunity Operators module we made all the necessary changes to make it compatible with PrestaShop 8.

Added a version 3 security check related to licenses.

The header messages of the license-related module files have been changed.

Replaced the die() function with exit() in the module logic.

To add style sheets and JavaScript files in the Backoffice, the "backOfficeHeader" hook was used, which has been deprecated. Now we use the "actionAdminControllerSetMedia" hook instead.

Modified the module to adapt it to PHP and Symfony coding standards.

The module is now compliant with the new code standards for PrestaShop 8.

However, without a doubt, the most important update is the use of DragonBe\Vies.

Finally this module can automatically and safely detect the VAT numbers of your customers.

A few months ago, the API of the European commission that allowed this operation ceased to exist and this module has left without working correctly for more than 2 months.

Well it is true, that along the way we did an update that found a workaround without using API to know for sure if the identification numbers were valid but it was an incomplete solution.

As of this moment, this module is already available and now it detects VAT numbers in a valid and secure way.

If you are an intra-community operator, this module is very useful for you since it automatically detects which are the clients that are truly intra-community operators to make invoices without VAT.

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